Marlborough Goldsmiths, Lorelei Williams


The probate inventories of Marlborough men and women which are deposited in the Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office, are being transcribed for future publication by WRS. One of the goldsmiths, Nathaniel Winter, whose inventory will be included, is recorded as having appeared before the Wardens of the Goldsmiths’ Company for producing inferior work:

‘Monday the 19th of August 1633 This day the aforesaid Wardens riding to search in the town of Marlborough came to the shops of William Goffe and Nathaniel Winter goldsmiths there who freely delivered unto them all the wares to make trial of them. And being tried by the touch they were found some good and some bad. And being showed the trials of their bad wares they confessed the same not to be agreeable to His Majesty’s standards. And those wares which appeared to be bad were now broken and defaced and the rest spared … And now Messrs. Wardens fined them for setting to sale such deceiptful wares at xxs [20s] a peece which they now severally paid. And they severally promised that they will hereafter sell none but such as shall be agreeable to the standards protesting that they did not know their wares to be bad as upon trial they appeared and were sorry for the same’.

[from the Court Minutes of the Goldsmiths’ Company]

William Goffe [Gough] was one of the appraisors of Nathaniel Winter’s inventory.