On the Way


Perhaps for the first time in our history the Society has three volumes at proof stage and nearly ready for publication. We plan to publish two during 2009 and the third next year.

William Henry Tucker was born in Trowbridge in 1814 and worked his way up the local cloth manufacturing ladder to become in later life a successful clothier. Through his teens and twenties he kept a candid diary of personal and local events, which he called his ‘Reminiscences of Departed Years’. Although the original is now lost, Helen Rogers was able to make a typed transcript, and this she has now edited for publication. Covering the years 1825-50 it offers a unique insight into the social, intellectual, religious and working life of a busy, close-knit industrial town around the beginning of the Victorian era. It will be the Society’s volume 61, and should be published within the next few months.

While working on north Wiltshire parishes for the Victoria History, Douglas Crowley made extensive use of the fine series of court records which survive for a number of former Malmesbury Abbey parishes on the edge of Bradon Forest. The study of manorial records has been a particular interest throughout his career, and now with his usual meticulous thoroughness he has prepared editions of the surviving Charlton and Brinkworth court records, 1544-1648, which will be our volume 62. The edition includes a very substantial introduction discussing at length the nature of this class of records, which will ensure that the work is of more than local interest.

Not content with the massive edition of Wiltshire glebe terriers (volume 56) Steve Hobbs has turned his attention to the rich and varied assortment of obiter dicta to be found in parish registers. He has examined all Wiltshire registers up to 1812 and extracted for his edition everything of historical interest or curiosity, annotating the material with explanations where necessary. The result (a surprisingly large quantity) is a cornucopia of parish life over some three centuries. Gleanings from Wiltshire Parish Registers will be the Society’s volume 63.